Susanna Storbacka, Emma Hovi, Vera Anttila


Finnish-Swedish, Swedish-speaking Finn, the Swedish Finland, hurri, Finnish nationality, Finn, Swede?


The purpose of the exhibition is to open discussions about stereotypes and symbols associated with the Swedish-speaking culture in Finland. We want to make visible the Finnish-Swedish identity and the conflicts linked to it - the Swedish-speaking quotient, the privileged place within the culture and art industry, shame, desire to adapt, the simultaneous (unconscious) desire to emphasize our own minority status.


A red velvet curtain is hung on the border between the gallery and everyday space. It takes the form of a gate, becomes a passage into or out of something. By passing through the gate you enter a space where we artists are online 24/7 to discuss the subject with you. It is a place for talking Swedish.


"Fively Sensitive is a film about men and sensitivity. Through the stories of five men we get to hear about their experiences of societal boundaries and creative freedom. Their stories are captured separately and they communicate with each other asking the question: who is allowed to show their sensitivity?"


- Susanna Storbaka & Vera Anttila