Susanna Storbacka (b. 1991) is a Finnish visual artist and painter working in Helsinki. She is currently studying at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in the Master’s Degree Program of Art Education and Fine Arts. Storbacka is working with visual projection of emotional conflict. Her paintings takes shape of fictional characters, humans, whose mood and toning bring forth contradictory minds. These characters mirrors Storbacka ́s experience of what being human is.


2017 - 2021    Master of Arts, School of Arts, Design and Architecture,

                           Department of Art Education, Aalto-University
2016 - 2017    Minor-studies, Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
2014 - 2017    Bachelor of Arts, School of Arts, Design and Architecture,

                           Department of Art Education, Aalto-University


2018    Merisairaat, Rupla, Helsinki
2018    It started with the Crayfish, Node-gallery, Helsinki



2019   4 Elements, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York

2019    Viides Sana / The Fifth Word, Alvarinaukio, Espoo
2019    Moving Manners, Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki

2019    Coming Continent, Upper Floor Gallery, Helsinki
2019    Taidekasvatuksen Maalauksen Syyssalonki, V1 Exhibition space, Espoo
2018    Object Matter, Aalto-University, Espoo
2018    Ripple Wardrobe-gallery, Aalto-University, Espoo

2018    Funeral, Node-gallery, Helsinki
2018    Parafraasi, Node-gallery, Helsinki
2017    Joseph Boys - Outside the box, Emma - Espoo Museum of Modern Art,

             Espoo, collaboration      
2017    Puhdas Itämeri, Konepaja Bruno, Helsinki
2017    UnKnown Future, Asbestos Art Space, Helsinki
2016    Kuvis Movies gaala, shortfilm festival, Helsinki
2016    Lapinlahden Lähde loves ART, shortfilm screening, Helsinki
2016    Artova film festival, shortfilm festival, Final, Helsinki
2016    A-FEST-16, Thought = Humanity, Beta-space, Helsinki
2016    Joku Roti, Gallery Lume, Helsinki
2015    Eloa Festivaali, galleria Bokvillan, Helsinki
2015    Ryhmänäyttely, Galleri Mondo, Helsinki
2015    Group exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aalto-University, Helsinki
2015    No Limits, Ateljé Torni, Vaasa
2015    Group exhibition, Gallery Mondo, Helsinki
2015    Take-away, Gallery Johan S, Helsinki
2015    Museokadun biennale, Gallery Mondo, Helsinki



2020-              HAM, Helsinki Art museum, guide & workshop leader

2017-                Pro Artibus, gallery Sinne, workshop leader

2019                  Töölö Gymnasium, Helsinki, internship/work as a teacher
2018                  Kirkkonummi Art-school, Kirkkonummi, work as a teacher
2017                  Kiasma museum of Modern Art, Helsinki, guide
2016                  Helsingin Normaalilyseo, internship
2015                  Espoo Art-school, Espoo, internship