Co-painting project with Rasmus Förster

"Look, the ocean ship is being fully loaded. In one of the sea containers there is a small, cramped home. It's a secret. A yellow lamp, draped with thin paper, is illuminating the interior of the container.

In addition to this handsome ship, ten other large tankers are loaded with similar containers. And yes, every one of them carries a small home lit by a paper lamp, don’t worry. Only the occupants of the containers differ from each other. They all have two things in common, so listen carefully when I tell you: Firstly, they have the same goal, but I must not reveal it. Secondly, each of them carries a burden, one that has defined their lives:

Else has lack of perspective. She wears sunglasses at night.
Jakob's feet are restless feet. He can not stop, he has to go. Jakob suffers from the container more

than the others, but he also enjoys the trip the most.

Öa is posessed. When she was young the village pastor drove a devilish force out of her, and after that Öa has never felt good again.

Kenneth is a hater. He decided to limit the hating to himself, and closed himself in a sea container. He has a three-month lead over the others.

The Master is a miller. He holds all the threads in his hands.
Caede lives in turmoil. She carries anarchism inside of her, waiting for favourable times, in a restless slumber.

Soson owned a chive farm. Thousands of hungry snails ate everything, so there is no farm anymore.

Mijin builds houses of cards. He knows that there is a great flood coming.

Anda is a marine biologist. She is escaping to search.

Nöfö's chest is illustrated with a frog. As one might guess, Nöfö has no distinctive smell.

On the last ship, smaller than the others, that is swimming in a deep banana cargo, there is yet another furnished container. On the inside of this container, there am I. “

Story: Rasmus Förster and Susanna Storbacka

 all content (c) Susanna Storbacka & Rasmus Förster